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Rockaway Beach 29.11.12 Playlist

Moderatorin im Studio: Kyra Palberg

Artist – Tracktitle

Angel City Outcasts – Youth Rebellion
The Kings of Nuthin – For You
P. Paul Fenech – What Katie did
Bob Wayne – A Pistol and a 100 Dollar Bill
The Liebertines – What Katie did
Peacocks – What I want
Born to lose – Sweet Misery
Far from finished – Roses and Razorblades
The Grit – Let me take you for a ride
Rogers – Alles für Nichts
Broilers – Woke up this morning
Vodoo Glow Skulls – Stranden in the jungle
Slayer – Americon
Batmobile – Hellalujah
Casualties – We are all we have
Union 13 – The Game
Peter Pan Speedrock – You do it or you don’t
Face to Face – Major Tom
David Bowie feat. Pet Shop Boys – Hallo Spaceboy

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