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Rockaway Beach 29.04.2010 Playlist

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus & very special guest: Mr. Volker Velten

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Bad Brains: Don’t Bother Me
Banned In D.C. – Bad Brains Greatest Riffs (Caroline)

Cool Jerks: Hier Kommt Der Sommer
7″ (Soundflat)

The Routes: Do What’s Right By You
7″ (Dirty Water)

The Satelliters: Lost In Time
7″ (El Beasto)

The X-Ray Harpoons: Zombie Love
7″ (Copase Disques)

Reverend Deadeye: Train Medley
The Trials And Tribulations Of Reverend Deadeye (Hazelwood Plastic)

The Groupies: Primitive
7″ (Taco)

Snakeflower 2: Biker Psych
7″ (Red Lounge)

Loveland: Black Glove
7″ (Butterfly)

The Defectors: It’s Gonna Take Some Time
Turn Me On! (Bad Afro)

Thee Vicars: Come On Stomp !
Psychotic Beat (Dirty Water)

Dead Elvis And His One Man Grave: Tired Of Hell Unfit For Heaven
10″ (Squoodge / Luna Sounds)

Otis Redding: Shout Bamalama
V.A. – Mr. Hot Shot – the R&B review Vol.1 10″ (King Novelty)

Curtis Knight: Voodoo Woman
V.A. – R&B Meets Northern Soul Vol. 1 (V.O.R.)

Vermin Poets: Spartan Dregg
Poets Of England (Damaged Goods)

Sheetah Et Les Weissmüller: Quand
Hola Ye-Yeah ! (Screaming Apple)

Setting Son: Soul Mate
Spring Of Hate (Bad Afro)

S.Y.P.H.: Zurück Zum Beton
V.A. – Verschwende Deine Jugend (Universal)

The Chud: Don’t Call Me Batman
7″ (Twang)

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