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Rockaway Beach 28.04.11 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Obits: You Gotta Lose
Moody, Standard & Poor (Sub Pop)

Feeding People: Big Mother
Peace, Victory & The Devil (Burger)

Pure X: You’re In It Now
You’re In It Now EP (Acephale)

Grupo Sub-1: Es lo Mismo
1st and 2nd LP (P.Trash)

Pissed Jeans: Sam Kinison Woman
Your Life Is Worth Pissed Jeans 7″ (Sub Pop)

Jaill: On The Beat
That’s How We Burn (Sub Pop)

Patti Smith: Piss Factory
V.A. – Kris Needs Presents…Dirty Water 2 – More Birth Of Punk Attitude (Year Zero)

Friendo: Oversees
Cold Toads (Eigen)

Sonic Youth: Thieme De Jeremie
Simon Werner A Disparu (SYR)

Bobby Franklin’s Insanity: Bring It On Down (Pt.1 & 2)
7″ (Stag-O-Lee)

Feelies: Way Down
Here Before (Bar None)

Agitation Free: You Play For Us Today
Malesch (Revisited)

Cheveu: Lola Langusta
same (Born Bad)

Crystal Stilts: Promtheus At Large
In Love With Oblivion (Fortuna Pop)

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