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Rockaway Beach 11.07.13 Playlist

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Love A: Ramones
Eigentlich (Rookie)

Blumen Am Arsch Der Hölle: 1976
s/t (Buback)

Dackelblut: Kinder Kriegen Kinder
Schützen & Fördern (Schiffen)

Serene Fall: Contingence
V.A . – Smiling Shadows (Major Label)

Destruction Unit: Sonic Pearl
Two Strong Hits 7” (Suicide Squeeze)

Pop.1280: Lights Out
Imps of Perversion (Sacred Bones)

Big Black: Steelworker
Hammerparty (Homestead)

Cabaret Voltaire: Spread The Virus
Red Mecca (Mute)

Mikey Gloss: Are You Happy?
7” (H Badger)

Sebadoh: Arbitrary High
The Secret (Domino)

Rudimentary Peni: Brown Jenkin & Crazed Couplet & Sarcophagus &
Lovecraft Baby & Dream City
Cacophony (Outer Himalayan)

Dirty Beaches: Casino Lisboa
Drifters / Love Is The Devil (Zoo Music)

His Electro Blue Voice: Sea Bug
Ruthless Sperm (Sub Pop)

Konec: Hey!
12” (self released)

The Swans: You’re Not Real
Children Of God / World Of Skin (Young God)

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