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Rockaway Beach 25.08.11 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Golden Helmets: Get Behind The Blues
Transatlantic (High Noon)

Red Dons: Se Foi
A Forced Turning Point 7″ (Taken By Surprise)

The Unfuckable: Unfuckable
Complicated Meditation Class 7″ (Aarght!)

Liam Lynch: United States Of Whatever
Fake Songs (Global Warming)

Bugs: Hail Sister Bottle
…The Bugs (Hovercraft)

Mainliners: Crocodile Rock
Bring The Sweet Life (Get Hip)

Naked On The Vague: Wrong Room
Heaps Of Nothing (Siltbreeze)

Christmas: Punch In
same (Highfives And Handshakes)

Nazca Lines: Bones In Boxes
Hyperventilation (Stressed Sumo)

Sleeping Vikings: Calm
They Will Find You Here (New Granada)

Muffalo: Battle Hymn
Love Songs & Battle Hymns (Buttamilk)

Bob Corn: Lost And Found
Watermelon Dreams (Fooltribe)

Hornet Leg: Wait
Ribbon Of Fear (K Records)

Bo Diddley: I’m Bad
V.A. – Early Rappers (Trikont)

My Disco: Turn
Little Joy (Temporary Residence)

Seen Rechts-Schlösser Links: Die Nacht (Ist Nicht Allein Zum Schlafen Da)
V.A. – Call Of The Banshee (Sub Terranean)

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