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Rockaway Beach 26.08.10 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus & very special guest: Mr. Volker Velten

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Defectors: Bloody Bloody Mary
7“ Split w/ Lariots (Rigolboch Ricordz)

The Frowning Clouds: Snake Charmer
Listen Closelier (Saturno)

Thee Attacks: The Only One I Love
That’s Mister Attack To You (Crunchy Frog)

The Booze: Hey Amy
Our Favourite Booze (Screaming Apple)

The Estranged: Love And A Molotov Cocktail
Subliminal Man (Dirtnap)

The Flys: Love And A Molotov Cocktail
V.A. – D.I.Y. – Do It Yourself (Soul Jazz)

Mean Jeans: The Brainer
Are You Serious (Dirtnap)

Wavves: Idiot
King Of The Beach (Fat Possum)

No Bunny: Boneyard
Love Visions (1-2-3-4 Go!)

Wino: I Don’t Care
Adrift (Exile On Mainstream)

Sun Dial: Exploding In Your Mind
Process For DNA (Shrunken Head)

Flaming Lips: The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine
Embryonic (Warner)

The Clique: Bare Back Donkey Riding
Self Preservation Society (Detour)

Spermbirds: Matter Of Fact
A Columbus Feeling (Rookie)

The Freeze: Sacrifice Not Suicide
V.A. – This Is Boston Not L.A. (Modern Method)

Skewbald: Grand Union
7” (Dischord)

The Endtables: Process Of Elimination
Same (Drag City)

Larry & The Blue Notes: Night Of The Sadist
V.A. – Back From The Grave Vol. 4 (Crypt)

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