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Rockaway Beach 25.01.18 Playlist

In memory of Peter „P.Trash“ Eichhorn (*11.10.1965  † 16.01.2018) R.I.P.

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Outtacontroller: Trash On
7″ (P.Trash)

Trash Knife: Struggle Town Freak Out
2nd (P.Trash)

Just Jeffrey: A World That’s Made For Me
Coffee, Tea And Me (P.Trash)

Nightwatchers: Nightwatcher
Good Kids Obay (P.Trash)

Telecult: Croix
Waiting EP (P.Trash)

Feral Trash: Loser
Trashfiction (P.Trash)

Svart Katt: Stanna Tiden
Rosta Sönder (P.Trash)

Bad Doctors: Sleepwalk
Burning City (P.Trash)

Miscalculations: The Escapist
Echolocation (P.Trash)

Nervosas: Uncanny
s/t (P.Trash)

Brat Farrar: Good By Myself
II (P.Trash)

New York Wannabes: Psycho
Read My Soul (P.Trash)

Dyscontrol: Conductor
Living Out (P.Trash)

SGNLS: Horizon
II (P.Trash)

Saccharine Souvenirs: In Between Walls
Trauma (P.Trash)

Deletions: Bit Decay
Hungers (P.Trash)

La Flingue: You Are A Marketing Company
Klebstoff Zero-Trois (P.Trash)

The About Blanks: Your Pretty Face Is Going To The Jobcentre
12 Boring Blasts (P.Trash)

Warm Toy Machine: Angiecaped
Not Tired To Blow (P.Trash)

Voight Kampff: Paranoia Visions
s/t (P.Trash)

Safewords: Insomnia
s/t (P.Trash)

Killerlady: Learn To Hate In The 80s
V.A. – Killed By Trash 2 (P.Trash)

Toyotas: Radio Off
For Sale! (P.Trash)

Brat Farrar: Punk Records
s/t (P.Trash)

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