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Rockaway Beach 24.05.12 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio: Christoph Kraus & Nora Gras

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Cosmic Psychos: Nice Day To Go The Pub
Glorius Barsteds (Pitshark)

Islet: Entwined Pines
Illuminated People (Shape)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Gadzooks! & Let Me Tell You That I Love You
7” (In The Red)

Michael Yonkers Band: Boy In The Sandbox
Microminature Love (Sub Pop)

Scat Rag Boosters: Lonesome Party
s/t (Yakisakana)

Obits: Everything Looks Better In The Sun
Moody, Standard And Poor (Sub Pop)

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster: Chicken
Horse Of The Dog (No Death)

King Khan & The Shrines: Stone Soup
Mr. Supernatural (Hazelwood)

You Slut!: Fifzteen
Medium Bastard (Stressed Sumo)

The Steppes: Lazy Ol’ Son
Drop Of The Creature (Voxx)

Chrome: In A Dream
Chrome Box (Cleopatra)

Tom Waits: Talking At The same Time
Bad As Me (Anti)

Roy & The Devil’s Motorcycle: Six Pink Cadillac
Tell It To The People (Voodoo Rhtyhm)

The Double: Blanket On The Beach
Palm Fronds (Catsup Plate)

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