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Rockaway Beach 23.12.11 Playlist

W i e d e r h o l u n g    v o m   30.06.11

Moderatorin im Studio: Nora Gras

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Nobunny: Do The Fuck Yourself
First Blood (Goner)

Shark?: Choose To Lose
True Waste (Self-Released)

Evil Superstars: Pantomiming With Her Parents
Love Is Okay (A&M Records)

The People’s Temple: Sons Of Strone
Sons Of Stone (HoZac)

Gentle Waves: Sisterwoman
Swansong For You (Jeepster)

Human Eye: Impregnate The Martian Queen Pt 2
They Came From The Sky (Sacred Bones)

GoGoGoAirheart: When The Flesh Hits
Exitheuxa (GSL)

The Skull Defekts: Fragrant Nimbus
Peer Amid (Thrill Jockey)

K-Holes: Into Black
same (HoZac)

The Men: Betaille
Leave Home (Sacred Bones)

American Death Ray: Any Given Hour
A New Commotion A Delicate Tension And The Exquisite Corpse Of Mr. Jimmy (Transolar)

Ballboy: Sex Is Boring
A Guide for Daylight Hours (Sputnik Records)

Movie Star Junkies & Vermillon Sands:  I Love You More As Dead
7″  (Rijapov)

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