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Rockaway Beach 21.06.12 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio: Christoph Kraus & Nora Gras

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Coogans Bluff: Me And You
Poncho Express (Noisolution)

Islet: Filia
Illuminated People (Shape)

Peter Kernel: Tides High – The Captain’s Drunk !
White Death Black Heart (On The Camper)

Gil Scott Heron: Lady Day & John Coltrane
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (BMG)

Michael Yonkers Band: Returning
Microminiature Love (Sub Pop)

Psychedelic Horseshit: French Countryside
Laced (Fat Cat)

Hank Haint: Keep On Walking
Blackout (Voodoo Rhythm)

Electric Manchakou: Animal Man
7” (Helter Skelter)

Dead Meat: Electric Head
Early Recordings (Flingco Sound System)

Slint: Good Morning, Captain
Spiderland (Touch & Go)

Nutsak: My Favorite Things
Failed Musician (Signed By Force)

Matt Elliott: Trying To Explain
Drinking Songs (Ici d’Ailleurs)

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