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Rockaway Beach 21.01.10 Playlist

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Fallen Leaves: Shining
It’s Too Late Now (Parliament)

EA80: Berge
Schweinegott (Eigenproduktion)

Asteroid B612: Always Got Something To Lose
7” (Bang!)

Sex Church: Let Down
7” (Sweet Rot)

Cramps: Big Black Witchcraft Rock
7” (Vengeance)

Birthday Party: Fears Of Gun
Mutiny / The Bad Seed (4AD)

Baby Woodrose: Open Up Your Heart
Same (Bad Afro)

Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows
Revolver (Apple)

Humpers: Fast, Fucked And Furious
7” (SFTRI)

Sedatives: S.E.D.A.T.I.V.E.S. / Human Beings
7” (Taken By Surprise)

Magnetix: Hand’s Line
Positively Negative (Born Bad)

Hüsker Dü: Some Things I Learned Today
Zen Arcade (AGR)

Last Communion: More Than This / So Much Pressure
Same (P.Trash)

Flaming Stars: Spilled Your Pint
7” (Bang!)

Miracle Workers: Out Of My Head
Moxies Revenge (Get Hip)

EA80: Auf Wiedersehen
Mehr Schreie (Eigenproduktion)

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