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Rockaway Beach 15.02.18 Playlist

Rockaway Beach in the mix by Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Hold Steady: Positive Jam
Almost Killed Me (Frenchkiss)

Listener: Pent Up Genes
Being Empty Being Filled (Sounds of Subterrania!)

Dälek: Son Of Immigrants
Endangered Philosophies (Ipecac)

Beesus: El Dude
Sgt. Beesus…And The Lonely Ass Gangbang! (New Sonic)

Buff: T.A.U.
Sites, Squats and Towerblocks (Urinal Vinyl)

Phantom Winter: Frostcoven
Into Dark Science (Golden Antenna)

Fotocrime: Always Hell
Always Night (Golden Antenna)

Jessica93: Venus Flytrap
Guilty Species (Teenage Menopause)

ISS: Hot Boi
Endless Pussyfooting (Erste Theke Tonträger)

Synthetic ID: Note For Note
Impulses (Castleface)

Synthetic ID: Note For Note
Impulses (Castleface)

POW!: S T A T I C (oh no ok)
Fight Fire (Castle Face)

Useless Eaters:  Scene And Sequence
Temporary Mutilation (Castle Face)

Shadow In The Cracks: Timeless
Shadow In The Cracks (Goner)

Seger Liberation Army: 2+2=?
Down Home (Big Neck)

Hot Snakes: Appartment 0
Automatic Midnight (Sub Pop)

Hot Snakes: Let It Come
Automatic Midnight (Sub Pop)

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