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Rockaway Beach 12.12.13 Playlist

Moderator im Studio:  Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Beastmilk: Children Of The Atombomb
Use Your Deluge 7“  (Svart)

Beastmilk: The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
Climax (Svart)

Dark Shadows: Line Of Sight…
Autumn Still (Halb 7)

The Nuns: Do You Want Me On My Knees
4 Days In A Motel Room – Their Greatest Sins (Poshboy)

Satan’s Satyrs: Sadist 69
Wild Beyond Belief (Bad Omen)

Buck Gooter: As Worms
Witch Molecules (X-Mist / Beau Travail)

Father Murphy: Let The Wrong Rise With You
Pain Is On Our Side (Boring Machines)

Lust For Youth: I Found Love
Perfect View (Sacred Bones)

Crawling Chaos: Sex Machine
The Gas Chair (Boutique)

Camilla Sparksss: I’ll Teach You To Hunt
7” (Africantape / On The Camper)

Peter Kernel: I’ll Die Rich At Your Funeral
White Death / Black Heart (Africantape / On The Camper)

Autistic Youth: Ghosts In My Past
Nonage (Taken By Surprise)

The Faint: I Disappear
Wet From Birth (Saddle Creek)

The Faint: I Disappear (Coolie Voodoo Mix by The Bug)
12” (Saddle Creek)

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