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Rockaway Beach 12.04.18 Playlist

Rockaway Beach in the mix by Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Black Salvation: In A Casket’s Ride
Uncertainty is Bliss (Relapse)

The Noise Figures: Taste Like Time
Telepath (Inner Ear)

Holiday Inn: She
Torbido (Avant!)

Holiday Inn: No Speaking
Torbido (Avant!)

The Skids: Into The Void
Burning Cities (No Bad)

Spring: Enlight
II Tape (Sabotage)

Melvins: Embrace The Rub
Pinkus Abortion Technician (Ipecac)

Melvins: Graveyard
Pinkus Abortion Technician (Ipecac)

Dylan Carlson: Conquistador
Conquistador (Sargent House)

Archive: Again
You All Look The Same To Me (East West)

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