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Rockaway Beach 10.04.14 Playlist

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

XBomb Factory: We Spend The Money We Make
No (Noisolution)

XBomb Factory: Tapes
No (Noisolution)

XBomb Factory: Reflected
No (Noisolution)

The ME’s: Qui Qui Qui
7” (Voodoo Rhythm)

The Dead Brothers: Dead Brothers Stomp
Dead Music For Dead People (Voodoo Rhythm)

Night Shirts: I’ll Be Your Mirror
Live From Queimada Grande (This Charming Man)

Night Shirts: Queimada Grande
Live From Queimada Grande (This Charming Man)

Space Chaser: Interstellar Overlords
Watch The Skies (This Charming Man)

Trainwreck: Splitting The Seams
Old Departures, New Arrivals (This Charming Man)

Fjort: Valhalla
D’Accord (This Charming Man)

Abest: Grau
Asylum (This Charming Man)

Mick Harvey: The Way Young Lovers Do
Four – Acts Of Love (Mute)

Ministry Of Wolves: Iron Hans
Republik der Wölfe (Mute)

Gallon Drunk: The Exit Sign
The Soul Of The Hour (Clouds Hill)

Metz: Sad Pricks
s/t (Sub Pop)

The Estranged: No Love
Static Thoughts (Dirtnap)

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