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Rockaway Beach 28.01.21 Playlist

In memory of Peter “P.Trash” Eichhorn (*11.10.1965  † 16.01.2018) Trash On!

All songs played in this show were taken from the compilation

“Trash On!!! A Tribute To Peter Eichhorn & P.Trash Records”

Gen Null:  Nie Im Leben (unreleased)

Outtacontroller: Trash On (Alt Version)

The Hands:  We Will Miss You (unreleased)

Svart Katt: Rosta Sonder

Cave Curse: Trash People (unreleased)

Statues: New Plan (unreleased)

Impo & The Tents: Do The Wipers

Brat Farrar: Don’t Know What To Say (unreleased)

We Live In Trenches: Restless Again (unreleased)

Digital Leather: Bugs On Glue (alt version)

Jay Reatard: Let It All Go

Dean Dirg:  Some Kinda Hell

Miscalculations: Monochrome Sunset (unreleased)

The Spits: Society Needs (unreleased)

La Flingue:  Stucture Vide Ordure (unreleased)

Warm Toy Machine: Head Master (unreleased)

Voight-Kampff : Sowing The Seeds Of Hate

Teledrome: Idiot (unreleased)

The Manikins:  Can I Please Come In (unreleased)

Big Dick: Aria

No Problem:  Say Goodbye

Glow Kit: Nothing To It (unreleased)

Mean Jeans: Twistin Off A Cliff (unreleased)

Nightwatchers:  Tit-For-Tat (unreleased)

The Exit:  A Life Confined (unreleased)

Sonic Avenues:  X Your Manners (unreleased)

Primitive Hearts: Runnin’ Outta Time

The Hands:  We Will Miss You (unreleased)


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