Feb 11

Rockaway Beach in the mix by Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Vacant Lots: Mad Mary Jones – Alternative Mix
Split 10″ with Alan Vega (Fuzz Club)

Alan Vega: Nike Soldier
Split 10″ with Vacant Lots (Fuzz Club)

Sonic Jesus: Locomotive – Sonic Boom Remix
7″ (Fuzz Club)

Iggy Pop & Tarwater & Alva Noto: From Pent-Up Aching Rivers
Leaves Of Grass (Morr Music)

Mountain Witch: The Dead Won’t Sleep
Burning Village (This Charming Man)

Le Millipede: Neue Welt
Neue Welt 7″ (Alien Transistor)

Hey Ruin: Zwerge
Irgendwas Mit Dschungel (This Charming Man)

Cruising: Safe Corridor
s/t (Tough Love)

Black Tusk: Gods On Vacation
Pillars Of Ash (Relapse)

Singapore Sling: Try
Psych Fuck (Fuzz Club)

Hexvessel: Teeth Of The Mountain
When We Are Death (Century Media)

Hexvessel: Green Gold
When We Are Death (Century Media)

Defekt Defekt: Stitches
s/t (High Noon)

Useless Eaters: Temporary Mutilation
Temporary Mutilation (Slovenly)

Le Millipede: Lenity (edit)
Neue Welt 7″ (Alien Transistor)

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