Okt 31

Moderator im Studio:  Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Monsters: Blow Um Mau Mau
Pop Up Yours! (Voodoo Rhtyhm)

The Monsters: Sex Wax / Drug Train / The Creature From The Black Lagoon
The Hunch (Voodoo Rhythm)

The Monsters: The Addams Family / Devil In Your Dream / Honeymoon At Hell
Masks (Voodoo Rhythm)

Screaming Lord Sutch: Black & Hairy / She’s Fallen In Love With The Monsterman
Story (7777)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On You
Frenzy (Edsel)

Dead Moon: Graveyard
Echoes From The Past (Sub Pop)

Multicoloured Shades: Teen Sex Transfusion
Sundom City Exit (Virgin)

Jack O Heart: In Yer Mouth
In Yer Mouth (Born Bad)

Thee Headcoatess: Cum In My Mouth
We Got 7 Inches But We Wanted Twelve 7“ (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

The Velvet Underground: Venus In Furs
The  Velvet Underground & Nico (Verve)

Hexvessel: Wayward Confessor / Diamonds
Dawnbearer (Svart)

Tri State Lovers: Goddamn Hellride
No Love (Spooky)

Okt 24

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Masons: Babymaker, Love Taker
s/t (Middle Class Pig)

Beasts Of Bourbon: Hard For You
Sour Mash / The Beasts Of Bourbon Box Set (Inertia)

Dung: Bee Stings
Who Flung (Pit Shark)

The Melvins: Stump Famer / I Told You I Was Crazy
Tres Cabrones (Ipecac)

Wall Of Death: Man
Main Obsession (Born Bad)

God Machine: The Life Song
One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying (Fiction)

13th Chime: Fire
Complete Discography (Sacred Bones)

His Electro Blue Voice: Tumor
Ruthless Sperm (Sub Pop)

Wall Of Death: Tears Of Rainbow
Main Obsession (Born Bad)

Swans: I Wanna Be Your Dog
World Of Skin (Young God)

Dark Day: Nudes In The Forest
V.A. – New York Noise Vol.3 (Soul Jazz)

Wall Of Death: Believe Me Or Not
Main Obsession (Born Bad)

Okt 17

~Wiederholung vom 29.08.13 ~

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Messies: Dedications
V.A. – Dirty Faces Präsentiert…(Dirty Faces)

Obits: The City Is Dead
7“ (Sub Pop)

Bl’ast!: Only Time Will Tell
Blood! (Southern Lord)

Attitude Adjustment: Johnny
American Paranoia (Bitzcore)

Accüsed: Bethany Home
More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral (Combat)

Space Chaser: Decapitron
Decapitron EP (This Charming Man)

Pelican: Deny The Absolute
Forever Becoming (Southern Lord)

Be Nuts: Caribbean Band
A Fistful Of Offbeat (Rockwerk)

The Excitements: Don’t You Dare Tell Her
Sometimes Too Much Ain’t Enough (Penniman)

Bad Doctors: Spit It Out
7” (Eaglebauer Enterprises)

Hans Ehlert Hamburg: Zwischen Hohen Häusern
Bizarre Farben (Hafenschlamm)

Catholic Spray: Homosexual Shrimps
Amazon Hunt (Teenage Menopause)

Le Prince Harry: Blitz Of Bliss
It’s Getting Worse (Teenage Menopause)

JC Satan: Song
Faraway Land (Teenage Menopause)

Destruction Unit: Nightfall
7” (Suicide Squeeze)

Okt 10

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus
Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)
Mountain Goats: See America Right
7“ (4AD)

Mountain Goats: Letter From Belgium
7“ (4AD)

Bad Doctors: Sleepwalk
no title yet, soon to be released on P.Trash

Vanna Inget: Ingen Botten
Ingen Botten (P.Trash)

His Electro Blue Voice: Spit Dirt
Ruthless Sperm (Sub Pop)

Helios Creed: The Last Laugh
V.A. – Dope-Guns-’N-Fucking In The Streets Volumes 1-3 (Amphetamine Reptile)

Destruction Unit: Night Loner
Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)

Pussy Galore: Yü Gung
Sugarshit Sharp (Mute)

Peep Tempel: Howlin’ Belle
s/t (Wing Sing)

Suicidal Tendencies: Institutionalized
s/t (Frontier)

Pissed Jeans: Request For Masseuse
King Of Jeans (Sub Pop)

Religious Knives: The Message
Smokescreen (Sacred Bones)

Paco Zambrand Y Su Combo: Meshkalina
V.A. – Peru Maravilloso – Vintage Latin, Tropical and Cumbia (Tiger’s Milk)

Okt 03

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Einstürzende Neubauten: Die Befindlichkeit Des Landes
Silence Is Sexy (Rough Trade / Potomak)

Soulside: God City
Hot Bodi-Gram (Dischord)

Rites Of Spring: Drink Deep
End On End (Dischord)

Shudder To Think: Red House
Funeral At The Movies (Dischord)

Pailhead: I Will Refuse
12” (Wax Trax!)

Crass: Systematic Death
Penis Envy (Crass)

Conflict: Climbing The Stairs
The Must Be Another Way – The Singles (Jungle)

Rudimentary Peni: Crazy Chain / The Gardener / Teenage Time Killer / Hearse
The EPs Of RP (Corpus Christi)

Electro Hippies: Mother
The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)

Neil Young: Like A Hurricane
American Stars’N Bars (Reprise)

Can: Father Cannot Yell
Monster Movie (Spoon)