Jul 25
~ Wiederholung vom 30.05.13 ~
Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Steve Adamyk Band: Set It Up
Three (Dirtnap)

Pink Wire: Bad Faith
s/t (P.Trash)

Allvaret: Tänk På Döden
Tänk På Döden (P.Trash & Erste Theke Tonträger)

Low Culture: Nightmare
Screens (Dirtnap)

Boy Division: Transmission
Damaged Goods EP (Glitterhouse)

Th’Inbred: Shitpile
Family Affair (Bonzen)

Autonomads: Fight Them Back
Split LP with Black Star Dub Collective – From Rusholme With Dub (Pumpkin)

Linton Kwesi Johnson: Fite Dem Back
Forces Of Victory (Island)

Underdog: Mass Movement
Demos (Revelation)

The Babylon Whackers: All Of Them
Happy Days With The Babylon Whackers (Dirty Faces)

Dengue Fever: Oceans Of Venus
Venus On Earth (Real World)

Dead Kennedys: Holiday In Cambodia (Geza X Mix)
12“ (Cherry Red)

Cassandra Complex: David Venus
Moscow Idaho 12“ (Rouska)

Psychic TV / PTV3: Higher And Higher
Hell Is Invisible…Heaven Is Her/e (Sweet Nothing)

N.R.F.B.: Kill Mainstream
Trüffelbürste (Majorlabel)

Jul 18

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

TV Colours: The Kids Are Grown Up
Purple Skies, Toxic River (Eighteen)

Dagger Eyes: Bad Attitude / Cutting Edge / Nightshade / Mash It Up
II (P.Trash)

Genital Hospital: Laxative Rag
s/t (P.Trash)

Dirty Beaches: Elli
Drifters / Love Is The Devil (Zoo Music)

Suicide: Ghost Rider
V.A. – Punk Legends – The American Roots (Jungle)

Contrepoison: Heartbeat
12” (Avant!)

Destruction Unit: The World On Drugs
Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)

Akale Wube: Dodo
Mata (Viavox)

Disappears: Power
Era (Kranky)

Almut Klotz & Reverend Dabeler: Rache + Gerechtigkeit
Lass Die Lady Rein (Staatsakt)

taken from http://worldendrecordz.bandcamp.com/

Pharmakon: Crawling On Bruised Knees
Abandon (Sacred Bones)

Obelyskkh: The Ravens
Hymn To Pan (Exile On Mainstream)

Jul 11

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Love A: Ramones
Eigentlich (Rookie)

Blumen Am Arsch Der Hölle: 1976
s/t (Buback)

Dackelblut: Kinder Kriegen Kinder
Schützen & Fördern (Schiffen)

Serene Fall: Contingence
V.A . – Smiling Shadows (Major Label)

Destruction Unit: Sonic Pearl
Two Strong Hits 7” (Suicide Squeeze)

Pop.1280: Lights Out
Imps of Perversion (Sacred Bones)

Big Black: Steelworker
Hammerparty (Homestead)

Cabaret Voltaire: Spread The Virus
Red Mecca (Mute)

Mikey Gloss: Are You Happy?
7” (H Badger)

Sebadoh: Arbitrary High
The Secret (Domino)

Rudimentary Peni: Brown Jenkin & Crazed Couplet & Sarcophagus &
Lovecraft Baby & Dream City
Cacophony (Outer Himalayan)

Dirty Beaches: Casino Lisboa
Drifters / Love Is The Devil (Zoo Music)

His Electro Blue Voice: Sea Bug
Ruthless Sperm (Sub Pop)

Konec: Hey!
12” (self released)

The Swans: You’re Not Real
Children Of God / World Of Skin (Young God)

Jul 04

Moderatorin im Studio: Kyra Palberg

The Casualties – We are all we have

Antiflag – Toast to Freedom

Antiflag – This is the end (for you my friend)

Millencolin – Broken World

Millencolin – Shut you out

Propagandhi – Failed States

Propagandhi – Human(e) Meat

Swinging Utters – Stuck in a Circle

Elvis Jackson – Salvation

The Menzingers – Gates

The Libertines – Music when the lights go out

Pixies – Bag Boy

Marathonmann – Die Stadt gehört den Besten

Marathonmann – In den Trümmern Deine Sätze

Love A – Windmühlen

Tocotronic – Die Revolte ist in mir

Bloodlights – Stand or Die

Transplants – Any of them