Jun 27

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Sixty Second Swingers: Searchin’
Better With Fuzz Babe! (Soundflat)

The Revellions: Ain’t No Fool
s/t (Dirty Water)

Lost Sounds: Energy Drink & The Long Way Home
Rat’s Brains & Microchips (Empty)

Zen Guerilla: Inferno
Shadows Of The Sun (Sub Pop)

Rudimentary Peni: The Evil Clergymen
Cacophony (Outer Himalayan)

The Magits: Fragmented, Disconnected, Disjointed, Detached
Fully Coherent 7“ (Outer Himalayan)

The Lakes: Night Lark
Blood Of The Grove (Avant!)

Grant Hart: Awake Arise
The Argument (Domino)

Die Nerven: Im Westen George Michael
Split 7“ with Freiburg (This Charming Man)

Freiburg: Ein Hoch Auf Die Kinder
Split 7“ with Die Nerven (This Charming Man)

Esmerine: Translator’s Clos Part II
Dalmuk (Constellation)

Samba Touré: Be Kin Don
Albala (Glitterbeat)

Mell: What’s Your Name Again
Relation Cheap (Artdisto)

The Organ: Brother
Grab That Gun (Too Pure)

Komplikations: Defect
Step Forward (Rockstar)

Jun 20

~ Wiederholung vom 11.04.13 ~

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Mudhoney: The Final Course
Vanishing Point (Sub Pop)

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine: John Dillinger
White People And The Damage Done (Alternative Tentacles)

Wire: Adore Your Island
Change Becomes Us (Pink Flag)

Ooga Boogas: Sex In The Chillzone
s/t (Aarght)

Kommando Sonne-nmilch: Kranke Bunker
You Pay I Fuck (Major Label)

Ninamarie: Süssafrika
Feuer In Der Nachbarschaft (Rookie)

Love A: Oder?
Irgendwie (Rookie)

Ecke Schönhauser: Seltsame Dinge / I Wanna Be Your Dog
Input (Tapete)

Anti Karoshi: Preußen Idea
In P.O.P. We Trust (Exile On Mainstream)

Noem: 300Hz / Panzer
Panzer (This Charming Man)

Spent Flesh: Crunk On Dumb / South Philly Style / Spent Flesh
10” (P.Trash)

Nails: Abandon All Life / Pariah / Cry Wolf
Abandon All Life (Southern Lord)

Pete Ross & The Sapphire: Devil Inside
Rolling On Down The Lane (Beast)

Grande Roses: Heartbreak Radio
Disease (Noisolution)

Jun 13

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Brat Farrar: Burn Everything Down
7“ (Total BS)

Iceage: Ecstasy
You’re Nothing (Matador)

Savages: Shut Up
Silence Yourself (Matador)

Sixty Second Swingers: Please Don’t Let Me Down
Better With Fuzz Babe! (Soundflat)

Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos: Dopamine
Caballero (Soundflat)

The Shook-Ups: Second To None
Bad Reception (Soundflat)

Tamikrest: Aratan N Tinariwen
Toumastin (Glitterbeat)

Coogans Bluff: The Dirt Keeps The Funk
Poncho Express (Noisolution)

2 Bad: Power
Get Fat And Die (X-Mist)

False Prophets: Limit Of The Limitless
Invisible People (Konkurrel)

No Means No: Two Lips Two Lungs And One Tongue
Wrong (Alternative Tentacles)

Black Kali Ma: Remain Awesome
You Ride The Pony I’ll Be The Bunny (Alternative Tentacles)

Seger Liberation Army: 2+2=?
Down Home (Big Neck)

The Drones: Dekalb Blues
Here Come The Lies (Spooky)

The Ex & Tom Cora: State Of Shock
Scrabbling At The Lock (The Ex)


Jun 06

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Ex: Double Order
Catch My Shoe (The Ex)

The Ex & Brass Unbound: Last Famous Words
Enormous Window (The Ex)

The Ex & Tom Cora: Hidgen Fujnack A Szelek
Scrabbling At The Lock (The Ex)

The Shanes: Blood On The Banjo
Road Worrier (Sumo Rex)

The Firebirds: Wellenreiter
Rock And Roll, Baby! (The Firebirds)

Minimetal: Problems
Never Hang Around (Spezialmaterial)

Lost Rivers: See Me Alive
My Beatific Vision (This Charming Man)

Vulgar Fashion: Pact With The Devil
s/t (Handmade Birds)

Christian Death: Mysterium Iniquitatis
Only Theatre Of Pain (Frontier / Epitaph)

Nina Simone: Sinnerman
The Best Of Nina Sinone (Philips)

Sister Double Happiness: San Diego
Uncut (Sub Pop)