Apr 26

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Social Distortion: Under My Thumb
White Light White Heat White Trash (Sony)

Big Black: Kerosene
Atomizer (Homestead)

Dead Kennedys: Riot
Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alternative Tentacels)

Raymen: Bad Blood
V.A. – Gotta Do The Rockin’ (Loudsprecher)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Talk Abut The Blues
ACME (Mute)

Gang Of Four: To Hell With Poverty
12″ (EMI)

Killing Joke: Turn To Red
V.A. – Wild Dub (Select Cuts)

Alternative TV: Viva La Rock’n'Roll
The Image Has Cracked (Anagram)

Peter & The Test Tube Babies: The Jinx (12″ Mix)
The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs (Captain Oi!)

Al Saxon: Evil Eye
Carole Benett & The Satisfiers: He’s Coming Home
Danny Harrow: No Use Running From Love
Chance Halladay: Bury Me Deep
V.A. – I Want That…Music To Get Smart By Volume 4  (Jury)

Django Reinhardt: Halleluya
Louis Armstrong: Go Down Moses
Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Two Litlle Fishes And A Loaf Of Bread
V.A. – Reverend Beat-Man Dusty Record Cabinet Vol 2 (Moi J’Connais)

Apr 19

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Picturebooks: List Of People To Kill
List Of People To Kill (Noisolution)

Spermbirds: My God Rides A Skateboard
Something To Prove (We Bite)

Agent Orange: Bloodstains
Adolescents: Amoeba
Circle Jerks: Wild In The Streets
U.X.A.: Tragedies
New York: Surprise!
V.A. – Rodney On The Roq (Poshboy)

The B-52’s: Planet Claire
s/t  (Island)

Gonjasufi: White Picket Fence & Feedin’ Birds
MU.ZZ.LE (Warp)

Menic: Lay Some Boot In
Railroad Blues Anthology (Voodoo Rhythm)

Love A: Krieg In Den Küchen
7“ (Rookie)

Razzia: Sentimentaler Zusammenbruch
Ausflug Mit Franzsiska (Coltourschock)

Geza X: Isotope Soap
The Offs: Everyone’s A Bigot
Really Red: Prostitution
The Feederz: Jesus Entering From The Rear
The Subhumans: Slave To My Dick
V.A. – Let Them Eat Jellybeans (Alternative Tentacles)

Tengo Hambre Pero No Tengo Dinero: Itchy Feet
stolen from myspace

Apr 12

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Walkabouts: Coming Up For Air
Acetylene (Glitterhouse)

Disappears: Brother Joliene
Pre Language (Kranky)

Murder City Devils: Everyday I Rise
7” (Murder City Devils)

OFF!: King Kong Brigade
s/t (Vice)

Zukunft? Negativ!: Generation Scheiße / Grütze
s/t (Prügelprinz)

The Pharmacy: Dig Your Grave
7” (Kind Turkey)

Feedtime: Play With Fire
The Abberant Years (Sub Pop)

The Rural Alberta Advantage: The Dethbridge In Lethbridge
Hometown (Saddle Creek)

The Monsters: I Want You
7” (Squoodge)

Pond: Mystery
Beard, Wives, Denim (Modular)

Jack Hammer: Rebellion
V.A. – Reverend Beat-Man Dusty Record Cabinet Vol 2 (Moi J’Connais)

The Icarus Line: Spike Island
Penance Soiree (V2)

We’ll Go Machete: Robber Baron
Six Plus Ten (Stressed Sumo)

Victims Family: Ungowa !
White Bread Blues (Konkurrel)

Serene Fall: My Beautiful Friend
V.A. – Stern 7” (Majorlabel)

Liars: No.1 Against The Rush
WIXW (Mute)

Apr 05

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Thee Exciters: Flower Punk Girl
Perpetual Happening (Dirty Water)

Die Zorros: No No No
Future (Voodoo Rhythm)

Roy & Devil’s Motorcycle: Blue Angel
Forgotten Million Sellers (Voodoo Rhythm)

Roy & Devil’s Motorcycle: Something’s Wrong
Forgotten Million Sellers (Voodoo Rhythm)

Diving For Sunken Treasure: Caravan
7″ (Rookie)

Boxhamsters: Calzone Und Seine Killer
Wir Kinder Aus Büllerbü (Bad Moon)

Love A: Valentinstag
7″ (Rookie)

Flipper: Ha Ha Ha
Sex Bomb Baby ! (Domino)

Unsane: Ha Ha Ha
Wreck (Alternative Tentacles)

Feedtime: Curtains
The Aberrant Years (Sub Pop)

Stepdads: No Good For Nothing
7″ (P.Trash)

Possessed By Paul James: Love’s Disease
Cold & Blind (Voodoo Rhythm)

Rella The Woodcutter: Coward
I Know When It’s Time To Get The Fuck Away (Boring Machines)

Gaye Bikers On Acid: Everything’s Groovy
V.A. – Ten Years After The Goldrush (Constrictor)

Wedding Present: Once More
V.A. – Ten Years After The Goldrush (Constrictor)

Jowe Head: Loco Train
V.A. – Ten Years After The Goldrush (Constrictor)

Kommando Sonne-nmilch: Das Verhör
Jamaica (Buback)