Aug 25

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Golden Helmets: Get Behind The Blues
Transatlantic (High Noon)

Red Dons: Se Foi
A Forced Turning Point 7″ (Taken By Surprise)

The Unfuckable: Unfuckable
Complicated Meditation Class 7″ (Aarght!)

Liam Lynch: United States Of Whatever
Fake Songs (Global Warming)

Bugs: Hail Sister Bottle
…The Bugs (Hovercraft)

Mainliners: Crocodile Rock
Bring The Sweet Life (Get Hip)

Naked On The Vague: Wrong Room
Heaps Of Nothing (Siltbreeze)

Christmas: Punch In
same (Highfives And Handshakes)

Nazca Lines: Bones In Boxes
Hyperventilation (Stressed Sumo)

Sleeping Vikings: Calm
They Will Find You Here (New Granada)

Muffalo: Battle Hymn
Love Songs & Battle Hymns (Buttamilk)

Bob Corn: Lost And Found
Watermelon Dreams (Fooltribe)

Hornet Leg: Wait
Ribbon Of Fear (K Records)

Bo Diddley: I’m Bad
V.A. – Early Rappers (Trikont)

My Disco: Turn
Little Joy (Temporary Residence)

Seen Rechts-Schlösser Links: Die Nacht (Ist Nicht Allein Zum Schlafen Da)
V.A. – Call Of The Banshee (Sub Terranean)

Aug 18

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Napalm Beach: Silver Rain
Rock & Roll Hell (Burka For Everybody)

The Outta Place: We’re Outta Place
Monaural (Screaming Apple)

The Gospel Pimps: I Feel Guilty
Boogie The Church Down (Voodoo Rhythm)

The Juke Joint Pimps: Delta Trip
Boogie The Church Down (Voodoo Rhythm)

Dead Moon: Parchment Farm
In The Graveyard (Mississippi)

Soundtracks Of Our Lives: Believe I Found
Golden Greats No 1 (Raw Power)

Case Studies: From The Blade Of My Love
(Sacred Bones)

Naked On The Vague: The Gift
Twelve Dark Noons (Sacred Bones)

Anna Calvi: Jezebel
7” (Domino)

The Bugs: Robot Girl
Double O Yeah…And Other Hits 7” (Labil)

Big’N: Dirtfarmer
Cutthroat (Gasoline Boost)

Hiking: Bikini Atoll
7” (X-Mist)

Pavement: Conduit For Sale
Slanted & Enchanted (Matador)

Hüsker Dü: Diane
Metal Circus (SST)

Gravenhurst: Diane
Black Holes In The Sky (Warp)

The Steve Adamyk Band: Eternal Isolation
Euro Tour 7” with Sonic Avenues (P.Trash)

Sonic Avenue: Two Tons Of Dynamite
Euro Tour 7” with The Steve Adamyk Band (P.Trash)

Tongan Death Grip: Stupid Kids
Chula Vista (P.Trash)

Sista Sekunden: Idol
Sista Försvarslinjen 7” (P.Trash)

Truthdealer: Everyone Hates A Perfectionist
The Contrarian (P.Trash)

Aug 11

Moderatoren im Studio: Christoph Kraus & Volker Velten

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Wipers: Youth Of America
Wipers Box Set (Zeno)

Napalm Beach: Rock & Roll Hell
Rock & Roll Hell (Burka For Everybody)

Hüsker Dü: It Makes No Sense At All
Flip Your Wig (SST)

Sebadoh: Sixteen
Beauty Of The Ride 10” (Domino)

The Toyotas: Kicks & Screams
Radio Off 7” (P.Trash)

Modern Pets: Affected People
same (P.Trash)

Adolescents: Surf City
The Fastest Kid Alive (Concrete Jungle)

Thee Oh Sees: Carol Anne
Singles Vol.1+2 (Castle Face)

White Mystery: Birthday
Blood & Venom (White Mystery)

The Routes: Alligator
Alligator (Dirty Water)

The Pacifics: You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover
The Pacifics Play Favorites (Bachelor)

Trio: Sunday You Need Love
Trio (Mercury)

Jesus Lizard: Sunday You Need Love
Bang (Touch And Go)

Oblivians: Sunday You Need Love
Soul Food (Crypt)

Aug 04

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Giuda: Number Ten
Racey Roller (Dead Beat)

Unfuckable: Complicated Meditation Class
7” (Aarght)

Napalm Beach: Never Forgive
Rock & Roll Hell (Burka For Everybody)

World Of Pooh: Mr Coffee – Nerves
Land Of Thirst (Nuf Sed)

2nd District: The Love Has Gone
The Love Has Gone 7” (Wanda)

Fondu: Peter Fonda!?
V.A. – The Peter Fonda Album (Massacre At Central Hi)

The Mighty Sparrow: Congoman
Doctor Bird – Soca Anthology (17th North Parade)

Brimstone Howl: A Million Years
We Came In Peace (Alive)

Functional Blackouts: Tick Tick Tick
The Very Best Of The Monkees (Dead Beat)

Constant Mongrel: Four Legs
Everything Goes Wrong (80/81)

The Monsters: Blow Um Mau Mau
V.A. – OX Compilation #97

Cheveu: Happiness
same (Born Bad)

The Dreams: Seis Seis Seis Condor
Morbido (Kill Shaman / Yerevan Tapes )

Those Naughty Lumps: I’m Gonna Die
Iggy Pop’s Jacket 7” (Zoo)

The Toyotas: Destroy Your Radio
Radio Off 7” (P.Trash)

Estrogen Highs: Thinkin’ Of My Health
Tell It To Them (Dead Beat)

Electric Manchakou: Animal Man
7” (Helter Skelter)

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
7” (Safari)