Jan 27

Moderator im Studio: Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Toyotas: Orxata
7″ (P.Trash)

Th’Inbred: Shit Pile
Family Affairs (Bonzen)

Attitude Adjustment: Johnny
American Paranoia (Pusmort)

Accüsed: Bethany Home
More Fun Than An Open Funeral Casket (Combat)

Scheisse Minelli: The Fight Against Reality
The Fight Against Reality (Dirty Faces)

Pascal Briggs & The Stokers: Brothers & Sisters
Split CD with Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss (Mad Drunken Monkey)

Hell Shovel: Amenti Zos
taken from www.myspace.com/hellshovel

King Automatic: Here Comes The Terror
I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home (Voodoo Rhythm)

Wildebeests: Public Image
Gnuggets (Dirty Water)

Sex Church: I Don’t Want To Die
6 Songs By Sex Church (Convulsive)

Conny Ochs: Burn Burn Burn
Raw Love Songs (Exile On Mainstream)

Coil: The Last Amethyst Deceiver
Ape Of Naples (Threshold House)

Winchester Club: The End Of History
Negative Liberty (Exile On Mainstream)

His Electro Blue Voice: Animal Verses
7″ (Bat Shit)

Ccandy: Bloke Hunt
Lonesome Berlin (Avant!)

Scorpion Violente: Christopher Walken
Uberschleiss (Avant!)

Krysmopompas: Weisse Flocken
Heute Schlafen – Morgen Aufwachen (S-S Records)

Jan 20

Moderatorin im Studio: Nora Gras

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Shipping News: The Delicate
One Less Heartless to Fear (Noise Pollution Records)

Young Rival: Authentic
Same (Sonic Unyon)

Creepoid: Hollow Doubt
Yellow Life Giver (Phonographic Arts)

Nick Curran & The Low Lifes: Kill My Baby
Reform School Girl (Delta Groove)

Solex vs. Christina Martinez + Jon Spencer: Bon Bon
Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown (Bronzerat Records)

King Lee feat. Quintron: Tire Shop pt.2
7“ (Goner)

Les Cox (Sportifs): John E. Millais
Scheiß Mit Reis (Sea Records)

Marvelous Darlings – I’ll Stand By Her
7“ (Plastic Idols)

Chapter 24: Gregory
7“ (New Pyramid Records)

Deadly Snakes: Twice As Dead
I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore (In The Red)

Lover!: All In My Head
Gathered in the Graveyard (Red Lounge)

Hornet Leg: Wait
Ribbon of Fear (K. Records)

Those Darlins: Night Jogger
7“ Split W/Fustx Party (Oh Wow Dang Records)

De Keefmen: Miss You
Mirror of Time (Dirty Water)

Jan 13

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

The Fucking Eagles: Happy Home
Midnight Sour (Gaptooth Jukebox)

The Fabulous Penetrators: Invader Invader
With Love (Stag-O-Lee)

Strange Boys: Dare I Say
Be Brave (In The Red)

Demon’s Claws: Fed From Her Hand
The Defrosting Of… (In The Red)

Old Time Relijun: Indestructible Life
Catharsis In Crisis (K. Records)

Flying Horseman: Bitter Storm
Wild Eyes (Conspiracy)

Ronin: Morte Del Prete
L’Ultimo Re (Ghost)

Die Kassierer: Radioaktiv
Physik (Teenage Rebel)

Little Beaver: Funkadelic Sound
Katie Pearl (Henry Stone Music)

Lover!: Let’s Play A Game
7” (Red Lounge)

Wheels On Fire: Bad Lie
Liar, Liar (Alien Snatch)

The Wildebeests: 1, 2 XU
Gnuggets (Dirty Water)

Geisterfahrer: Himmel Auf Erden
1979-1989 (Onomato Pop)

Banned Books: Man Maker
Man Maker (Stumparumper)

The Fresh And Onlys: Summer Of Love
Play It Strange (In The Red)

La Shark: Mr Modern Man
A Weapon 7” (So Darn So)

Porcelain: Cantate
I’ve Got A Really Important Thing To Do Right Now But I Can’t Do It Cause I’m Asleep (Drunk Dog)

Jan 06

Moderatoren im Studio: Nora Gras & Christoph Kraus

Artist: Tracktitle
Albumtitle (Label)

Bleeding Knees Club: Bad Guys
Virginity (I Oh You)

Tyvek: Animal
Nothing Fits (In The Red)

My Disco: Sunray
Little Joy (Stomp)

Dark Day: Nudes In The Forest
V.A. – New York Noise Vol.3 (Soul Jazz)

Crash Course In Science: Flying Turns
Signals From Pier Thirteen (LD)

Jim Jones Revue: Killing Spree
Burning Your House Down (Punk Rock Blues)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Dropout Boogie
Safe As Milk (Buddha)

The Kills: Dropout Boogie
Keep On Your Mean Side Bonus Edition (Domino USA)

Perfume Genius: Mr Peterson
Learning (Matador)

Can: Outside The Door
Monster Movie (Spoon)

King Lee feat. Quintron: Tire Shop Part 1
7″ (Goner)

So Kalmery: Kamitik Soul
Brakka System (World Village)

Super Wild Horses: Mess Around
Fifteen (HoZac)

Hitchcock Go Home!: Something You Can’t Hide
You Cannot Be Serious (Drunk Dog)

Cinema Red & Blue: Same Mistakes
same (What’s Your Rupture)

Rainald Grebe: Für Immer Punk
taken from youtube